NATO head tells Russia it cannot win nuclear war
NATO warned on Wednesday against Russia's war in Ukraine sliding into a nuclear confrontation between Moscow and the West.
NATO to bolster ranks, help Ukraine counter chemical attack
NATO leaders are set to agree to station more forces in Eastern Europe to deter Russia from invading any member of their ranks and to send equipment to Ukraine to help it defend against chemical or biological attacks, the organization's top civilian official said Wednesday.
Russia must stop 'irresponsible' nuclear rhetoric, says NATO chief
Jens Stoltenberg warned Russia against using nuclear, biological or chemical weapons in Ukraine, while stressing NATO's readiness to 'protect and defend allies against any threat any time'
NATO chief warns Russia that it will 'never win a nuclear war' against the alliance
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia would not win a nuclear war against the defensive alliance.Stoltenberg's remarks came as leaders from member nations, including President Joe Biden, make their way t...
Russia warns NATO against sending 'peacekeeping forces' into Ukraine
Top Russian officials on Wednesday condemned Poland's proposal to send NATO "peacekeeping forces" into Ukraine as a "very reckless and extremely dangerous" idea that would risk a full-scale war between the alliance and Moscow."This will be the direct clash between the Russian and NATO armed forces t...
NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: Ukraine NATO membership not on agenda, warns against chemical weapon use
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that NATO membership for Ukraine is not currently on the agenda, reported Reuters. Stoltenbe
Fallout from a Russian nuclear strike on Ukraine could drift into NATO countries and be considered an attack, says head of US Senate Armed Services Committee
The fallout from a Russian nuclear strike on Ukraine could drift into NATO countries, said Sen. Jack Reed. This could be "perceived as an attack"
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