Senate panel to hold Supreme Court vote April 4
The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination on April 4.
US Supreme Court Nominee Defends Record in Day 3 of Hearings 
Republican lawmakers continue to press Ketanji Brown Jackson about her past decisions, suggesting she is soft on crime
How Ketanji Brown Jackson will fit in on the Supreme Court
Beyond the hyperbole and theatrics that have punctuated this week's Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, a portrait of Ketanji Brown Jackson as jurist has begun to emerge.
Black Girls Who See Themselves in the Supreme Court Nominee
In 2013, as she watched President Barack Obama’s second inauguration, 7-year-old Veronica Bofah decided she wanted to be just like him. She would go to Harvard and one day be president, too.
Ketanji Brown Jackson seems headed for confirmation, says no ‘agendas’
WASHINGTON >> Federal judge Ketanji Brown Jackson faced down a barrage of Republican questioning Wednesday about her sentencing of criminal defendants, as her history-making bid to join the Supreme Court veered from lofty constitutional questions to attacks on her motivations on the bench.
US Senate Panel Set to Hold Final Day of Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
Outside groups will have their chance to testify before committee members consider sending Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the full Senate
Ketanji Brown Jackson tied as most popular Supreme Court nominee since the 1980s
Gallup reports that Ketanji Brown Jackson is tied as the most popular Supreme Court nominee it’s ever polled. 58% of Americans want the U.S. Senate to confirm her, far more than recent picks …
Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson wraps tense two days of Senate questioning as confirmation path clears
Jackson, President Biden's first Supreme Court nominee, already spent more than 13 hours before the Senate Judiciary Committee defending her judicial career.
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